Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Embarking on #CCK11

Started this new blog
Following #CCK11 stream
Introduced myself
Read/viewed selected readings
Updated linkedIn and added new connections

Trying to grasp CCK
The alignment of learning theories http://bit.ly/gsSJwC caused me to reflect
I have read selected article that has lead to a whirl wind of thoughts regarding the learning theory debate. As learning theories seem to supersede each other, so far I don't feel any learning theory stands on its own and is explicit. Currently I believe that particular learning approaches are required for different skills and knowledge sets and furthermore that different levels in the education system require particular approaches. I'd like to see an alignment of learning approaches to learning theories, so have set out to find something, otherwise compose something myself.

I am consciously trying to be aware of how i am learning, what I am doing to achieve that, and determine if I have in fact learnt something?

The one thing in life that seems to have stayed true to me that it is best to know what you don't know in order for you to achieve it. How do i achieve this - i guess that is the question. This time around I have resorted to the CCk11 and fellow tweeters in a very CCK manner and will continue to rummage the internet for some more information. This doesn't mean I have learnt anything but have the potential to :)

next - what do i want to get out of this course.